About the Committee  

The Water For People Committee shall be composed of at least three members who have an interest in helping people help themselves provide clean potable water. Water For People sends volunteers to, and supports efforts in, developing countries which result in sustainable drinking water and sanitation projects.

Duties of the Committee include:

  • Serve as the communication link between the Iowa Section and the National Water For People organization in Denver
  • Through news items and reports, build and maintain awareness of Water For People goals and activities and of ways in which we, as water professionals, can provide aid to developing areas.
  • Oversees the Water For People exhibit booth and auction at the Iowa Section Annual Conferences.
  • Encourages contributions to Water For People from Iowa, including an annual sponsor contribution from the Iowa Section

Committee Objectives

Safe drinking water and adequate sanitation facilities are an essential part of our lives. However, thousands of people die everyday from water related diseases and illnesses. Water For People is an organization dedicated to providing resources and support efforts to bring safe drinking water and sanitation facilities to developing countries. Iowa Water For People works within Iowa to promote and support he goals and objectives of Water For People.

To find out more about how you can help Water For People, contact the Iowa Water For People committee or visit www.waterforpeople.org.

Contact Us

Taylor Hopper
Water For People Committee Chair
Strand Associates, Inc.
Ames, IA 
P: 515.233.0000
E: [email protected]