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 Subject : City of Cedar Rapids - Utilities Environmental Manager.. 05/11/2023 07:03:43 PM 
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Employer Name: City of Cedar Rapids
Position/Title: Utilities Environmental Manager
Job Location: 101 First Street SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
Recruitment Period: Open until filled

The City of Cedar Rapids is seeking a Utilities Environmental Manager with strong leadership skills to guide a diverse Utilities Environmental & Laboratory team. This successful candidate will need to be knowledgeable in agriculture practices, be current and stay up to date with regulatory compliance, have strong customer service skills, possess knowledge of Cedar Rapids’ watershed program, have skills in Process Safety Management (PSM) and Risk Management Planning (RMP), and have effective communication and presentation skills. If you are interested in serving our wonderful City and meet the skills needed for this position, please apply today

About this Position
In this role you will lead the team and train on changes in environmental laws that would affect Cedar Rapids utilities water, wastewater, incinerator, and odorous air treatment. Additionally, you will answer questions about certified lab procedures and sample results.


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